Using a Medical Check as a Requirement for Work: Choosing a Provider to Administer Health Assessments

As an employer and a business owner, managing risk is a key part of developing the conditions necessary for success Consider the insurance policies your business holds, for example; these might cover things as diverse as the actual business premises, your inventory, and even intangible events… … read more.

Try Quality-Based Physiotherapy in Lismore with a Physiotherapist from Optimum Allied Health

Bring your specialised healthcare needs to Optimum Allied Health and let our passionate and friendly professionals help We have everything from dieticians to physiotherapy in Lismore We make it easy to schedule visits for multiple residents by handling a wide range of needs in one location… … read more.

In Home Speech Therapy Ballina

To be fair, verbal communication isn’t everyone’s strong suit Stinging together the right words at the right time to get our needs met can be awkward and intimidating For some, however, verbal communication is inhibited by more than uncertain cognition While speech disorders are largely… … read more.

Provide Convenient Treatment Options and Advice from a Podiatrist in Lismore at Your Aged Care Facility

Managing an aged care facility requires a careful, organised approach due to the many moving parts involved From organising staff into a consistent care schedule to ensuring all residents have what they require to be comfortable, there is no shortage of things to be done When it comes to… … read more.

Your One Stop NDIS Shop in Coffs Harbour

If you rely on NDIS services, you want to find the best clinics and medical professionals to attend to your needs Whether you are looking for podiatry, occupational therapy, or exercise physiology, at Optimum Allied Health, we have just what you need We are your only one-stop shop for NDIS in… … read more.

Stay Independent, Healthy, and Happy with Occupational Therapy in Lismore

Occupational therapy is a type of medical care that strives to help patients stay healthy and independent by enabling them to continue participating in the everyday activities they enjoy It is particularly important in the aged-care sector because patients who engage in occupational therapy in… … read more.