Stay Independent, Healthy, and Happy with Occupational Therapy in Lismore

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Occupational therapy is a type of medical care that strives to help patients stay healthy and independent by enabling them to continue participating in the everyday activities they enjoy. It is particularly important in the aged-care sector because patients who engage in occupational therapy in Lismore can often remain self-reliant much longer and overcome more of the challenges of ageing.Occupational therapists are often compared to physiotherapists, but their roles are entirely different. Physiotherapists manage a patient’s condition and help them with rehabilitation, while occupational therapists are concerned with assisting them to remain mobile, active, and autonomous.

Occupational therapy provides patients with significant emotional and physical benefits as they learn ways to adapt and continue performing the daily functions that might otherwise deteriorate. This therapy is beneficial because remaining active and independent can make a huge difference in an individual’s overall happiness and well-being.

An occupational therapist in Lismore generally performs a range of services including:

  • Prescribing special equipment to assist with specific functions
  • Assessment and management of cognitive abilities
  • Therapies to help strengthen and support upper limbs
  • Providing advice on conserving energy and moving efficiently
  • Home Modification assessments and plans

Occupational therapists can also help patients set goals for rehabilitation following a hospital stay. It’s essential for an individual to return to the best health possible after a fall, a stroke, or another serious health problem or injury.

At Optimum Allied Health, we can connect you with an occupational therapist in Lismore to assess your unique skills, goals, and needs and teach you how to remain as independent and happy as possible and get the most out of any adaptive equipment you use. Contact Optimum Allied Health today to find out more.

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