Provide Convenient Treatment Options and Advice from a Podiatrist in Lismore at Your Aged Care Facility

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Managing an aged care facility requires a careful, organised approach due to the many moving parts involved. From organising staff into a consistent care schedule to ensuring all residents have what they require to be comfortable, there is no shortage of things to be done. When it comes to securing allied health professionals to attend to and treat your residents, the process for securing all the various professionals can be arduous and frustrating. At Optimum Allied Health, we don’t think that should be the case at all.

That’s why we’ve brought together several professionals under one roof, providing a sole point of contact for all your organisational requirements. For example, do some of your residents need regular attention from a podiatrist near Lismore? We can coordinate with your team to schedule regular visits while administering treatment options on site. Our staff fully understand the ins and outs of ACFI and always arrive with a positive attitude, ready to provide seamless support to your facility.

As we age, managing our health and wellness becomes a more complex task. With straightforward and regular access to a podiatrist in your Lismore facility, though, your residents can enjoy one more layer of protection for their health. With local and highly trained professionals on hand, we are ideally suited to provide allied health services to your facility. To find out how we can fit together with your team, please give us a call today.

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