Try Quality-Based Physiotherapy in Lismore with a Physiotherapist from Optimum Allied Health

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Bring your specialised healthcare needs to Optimum Allied Health and let our passionate and friendly professionals help. We have everything from dieticians to physiotherapy in Lismore. We make it easy to schedule visits for multiple residents by handling a wide range of needs in one location. We’ll also send providers to your facility as needed when illness, mobility, or patient volume may hamper participation our efficient service.

An Experienced Physiotherapist in Lismore Improves Quality of Life for Wide Range of Ailments

A physiotherapist works with each of the body’s systems to pinpoint, diagnose, and implement treatment plans aimed at increasing mobility, decreasing pain, and improving quality of life. They work in collaboration with GPs and other specialists to manage treatment using the latest technology and evidence-based care practices.

Clients see our physiotherapist in Lismore for a wide range of concerns including neuropathy, cancer, musculoskeletal pain and orthopaedic conditions, and palliative care. We’ll help you manage incontinent issues and get you prepared for surgery. The physiotherapist’s aim is to help you prevent injury through rehabilitation and functional mobility maintenance. Additionally, we promote proper chronic disease management through compassionate and patient education.

The time between hospital/facility discharge and full recovery can be precarious after a substantial medical event. Adjusting to new limitations and resettling in one’s home is a chore that often is benefited by guidance. We can arrange to provide physiotherapy to Lismore homes through aged home care packages or short-term restorative care programs. We send friendly, reliable, prompt, and professional providers and technicians to homes for comfortable, convenient, and location-based skill and strength development.

Comprehensive Specialised Care Under One Roof

Optimum Allied Health serves NSW and South East Queensland with compassionate, patient-driven, specialised medical services. We work with individuals and groups where healthcare is organised. We’ve earned our reputation for excellence through successful partnerships with employers, residential aged care facilities, home health care programs (aka Community aged care providers), and NDIS providers.

Our AHPRA registered medical group is comprised of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians, podiatrists, and speech pathologists. From providers to assistants we’re an enthusiastic and dedicated team committed to quality care through light-hearted kindness. We work in collaboration to produce integrated treatment plans designed to increase the quality of life. Contact us to learn how to streamline your organisation’s specialised healthcare needs.

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