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To be fair, verbal communication isn’t everyone’s strong suit. Stinging together the right words at the right time to get our needs met can be awkward and intimidating. For some, however, verbal communication is inhibited by more than uncertain cognition. While speech disorders are largely attributed to childhood development misfiring, speech pathology effects persons young and old.

Optimum Allied Health works with individuals and organisations to implement evidence-based treatment plans aimed at reducing the effects of various speech pathology. Come and see our speech pathologist at our Ballina clinic, or arrange for a home/facility visit. Our Speech pathologist conducting home visits is just one in a wide selection of specialised healthcare providers and services.

Speech Pathologist for Home Visit in Ballina

Speech impairments are first noticeable in early childhood, often after the child has started school. Stuttering is the most recognised impediment. However, apraxia (difficulty making sounds), aphasia (difficulty talking due to injury), and auditory processing disorders (sound and language are not filtered through brain centre correctly), are all common. Our speech pathologist is available in home across Ballina to observe, assess, evaluate, diagnose, and implement treatments aimed at establishing or restoring proper speech patterns.

Later in life, injury and illness are the most common reasons for speech impairments. Brain injuries and strokes damage the brain which changes how it functions. When the language centres of the brain are damaged aphasia, apraxia, motor planning, and other speech conditions inhibit the person’s ability to communicate effectively. As we are social creatures dependant on human interactions, inhibited speech can cause anger, frustration, and even depression.

We offer our speech pathologist for home visits in Ballina because we understand that recovery is a long process that is accelerated when settings and conditions are optimal. As we are most comfortable in our homes, in home speech therapy is the optimal setting for progress. We target the reason for the speech problem and work with a collaborative team across multiple disciplines to implement a practical solution that optimises communication ability.

Speech therapy works closely with occupational therapy and physiology. When your speech pathologist arrives for your home visit, expect that they have worked with other members of the Optimum Allied Health team to craft an individualised treatment plan catered to your needs and ability.

Why Optimum Allied Health

We are a single-source allied health firm providing comprehensive and specialised services to individuals and large organisations. We’re a growing firm with a large reach and have extensive experience working with residential aged care facilities, NDIS programs, aged home health care programs, employers, and individuals who access our community clinics. We facilitate streamlined access to high-quality care that is competitive with large conglomerate provider networks without losing that personalised, results-focused, touch.

Our team of registered AHPRA health professionals create a one-stop solution where all your residents, employees, students, etc. are cared for under one roof, creating an effective care team that collaborates to craft the best treatments available for a wide range of conditions.

Our compassionate, patient-centred services are available throughout NSW and South East QLD. In addition to our speech pathologist, we have occupational therapists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, dietitians, and exercise physiologists available for home, workplace, school, or healthcare facility visits and treatment. Contact our Ballina clinic today to connect with our effective in home speech pathologist for all ages.

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