Medical Check Requirement for Work

Choosing a provider for your work health check


Using a Medical Check as a Requirement for Work: Choosing a Provider to Administer Health Assessments

As an employer and a business owner, managing risk is a key part of developing the conditions necessary for success. Consider the insurance policies your business holds, for example; these might cover things as diverse as the actual business premises, your inventory, and even intangible events. In every case, it’s a method to allow you to maximise returns while minimising exposure to liability and financial risk. Employee health is one area that employers should pay careful attention to when considering how to manage their risk. Choosing to implement a medical check for work purposes can help you identify potential areas of risk while ensuring that any candidate you want to hire is in the right physical condition for the job.Consider one example: a warehouse manager interviews a candidate who looks well-suited for the job, which involves repetitive heavy lifting. The manager chooses to hire him but does not order a medical screening. Later, the employee suffers an injury, and the company is deemed liable; however, an exam before hiring could have indicated the individual had a pre-existing injury that made them ill-suited to such a position. At Optimum Allied Health, we are proud to provide businesses like yours with access to a rapid, robust, and thorough medicalcheck process that can help you make the appropriate choices about who should work in which job roles.

A fast, convenient way to offer medical screenings to prospective staff

Employees may not always disclose all their known medical conditions to an employer. At the same time, though, they may not know the full picture themselves. Our pre-employment exams cover a wide range of factors, including lung capacity, range of motion, and even a hearing test. Meanwhile, our friendly professionals will build a rapport with your candidates to facilitate the development of a complete snapshot of their medical history. These records can often reveal undisclosed information that may influence your decision.

We can include additional services, including drug and alcohol testing, functional capacity assessment and full spirometry, based on an employer’s specific needs or requirements.

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Whether you’d like to implement a full pre-employment medical check, or you simply want to screen employees for drugs and alcohol, Optimum Health’s team is here to provide your business with the appropriate solutions. We make it easy for your staff to visit one of our local practitioners for a thorough examination. Within 24 hours, we pledge to have your report ready. We catalogue and break down all risk factors and can even provide guidance on how you may be able to reduce the risk you face. Learn more about our team to see why we’ll be a good fit for your organisation, or contact ustoday. Let’s explore the potential for a partnership together.

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