Pre-Employment Medical Assessments

A Pre-Employment Medical is an assessment and evaluation of an individual’s physical capacity to safely perform the critical demands of their job role. Not only should a pre-employment assessment determine the candidates ability to perform the role or not, but should also establish a benchmark for any progressive disability, limiting the extent of any future liability for the employer should that person become injured at all.

An employer who fails to implement an appropriate assessment protocol that adequately assesses for their organizational demands is one who leaves themselves wide open to potential high risk employees and subsequent compensation claims.

Our quality occupational health assessors are skilled at obtaining information relating to current and past injuries and ailments that a prospective employee may not have revealed to the employer helping you identify candidates who are high risk of claims, have pre-existing injuries or conditions that may affect you as an employer down the track. 

Our pre-employment assessments include

  • medical history questionnaire and review
  • previous injury analysis and risk assessment;
  • clinical musculoskeletal pathology examination;
  • urinalysis
  • cardiovascular assessment (blood pressure and pulses)
  • body measurements / anthropometrics
  • lung function assessment
  • vision assessment (near vison, distance vision and colour vision)
  • joint range of motion;
  • spinal assessment;
  • task specific functional/lifting assessment;
  • basic manual handling training;
  • grip strength;
  • hernia identification
  • audiometric screening (hearing levels)
  • contact with GP when necessary;
  • verbal and written report including risk rating and recommendations for risk reduction strategies.
  • Optional Additional Assessments (additional cost dependent on volume):
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Full spirometry


Optimum provides a written report that you can understand, specifically scoring each risk that has been identified, as well as recommendations for risk reduction strategies. Additionally provide a verbal outline of the report and assessment findings.

Our commitment to you is to complete the assessment and report findings to you, the employer, within 24 hours. 

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Your One-Stop Shop for Workplace Medical Clearance or a Work Health Test

If your workplace requires medical clearance for work, it can be hard to find the right place to get it. You want to go somewhere you can trust without breaking your budget but finding that ideal one-stop shop for all your allied health needs can be a pain. At Optimum Allied Health, we are here to fully support all your workplace medical needs.

Whether you need a medical test for work or are looking to implement a new workplace medical program, we have just what you need. Working to integrate your allied health needs, we serve workplace health and far more, getting you top-of-the-line medical care in a convenient, efficient manner that suits your budget and schedule. We do our best to keep your workplace healthy, offering a wide variety of medical services.

What Are Medical Clearances for Work and How Do I Get One?

A pre-employment medical examination determines the condition of your health so your employer will know if you are fit and healthy to do the job required of you. Many jobs require a medical test for work, from factories to offices. Looking at past injuries and medical histories as well as issuing a basic examination, we will examine your whole-body health. As a result, not only will we assess your health status and risk before you start a strenuous new job, but we will also provide you with the peace of mind of knowing you are healthy for work—and pass on that confidence to your new employer.

Often, in a high-risk workplace such as a factory or shipyard, employers want a pre-employment medical clearance for work so they are not liable down the line for making an unsound heir and so you will feel secure and perform well in your new role. These checks are fast and easy and are a standard item across many industries with higher medical risks than others. With our private risk assessment system, we keep things private and confidential between you and your employer so you can maintain complete confidence in our services.

We make medical clearance examinations easy and efficient. Either come to our clinics, or we will come to you and run through a quick, routine check to make sure you are in the right state of health before starting your job. We’ll check your spine, cardiovascular systems, and daily habits, just like in a standard checkup—and you will be in and out of the examination before you know it. This way, you can get to work as quickly as possible!

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If you need a medical test for work or other workplace medical services, get in contact with us. We offer a range of allied health services, keeping you in tip-top shape for work and life. Whether you are working in a factory or office or on a party boat, we can look after a range of needs for your workplace health. Contact us today by phone or online to find out more.

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