Injury Prevention Programs

Manual Handling Training 

Manual handling injuries is the biggest burden that organisations face relating to workplace health costing billions of dollars per year in Australia. They place enormous toll not only on the individual but the workplace productivity, culture and finances. Optimums manual handling training programs are specifically designed and tailor made with you to have maximum effect and return on investment.

Our programs have 3 phases:

  1. Design
    • We will work directly the OHS representatives at your workplace to define the key manual handling issues, reviewing injury registers and data, look specifically and analyse the workplace demands, and design a presentation that specially addresses all the key issues for your organisation. No off the shelf training seminars
  1. Delivery
    • Roll out of the designed training program including a presentation to groups as well as practical application.
  1. Follow up and evaluation (optional)
    • This is considered a key component and provides a link between the theoretical knowledge gained and its practical application. Our staff will walk around the and work directly with your staff in their workspace to ensure appropriate delivery of the practices learnt as well as directly deal with any questions.

We have experience in delivering manual handling training to a wide variety of industries including aged care, construction, Government contractors and more. 

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Ergonomic Assessments and Seminars

Ergonomics is not just about the desk, it's about how the person interacts with their work environment. Seldom do people realise that desk bound workers are faced with similar risk of injury to that of employees who perform heavy manual handling. This is because of the prolonged, sustained and repetitive postures that places enormous strain on the body. In fact, some might say they are industrial athletes.

Optimums ergonomics program is designed to:

  • Evaluation of the work area and correct set-up.
  • Look for optimal heights and angles for equipment.
  • Ensure good posture.
  • Address work patterns and breaks.
  • Impact of environmental factors.

Out ergonomic program is delivered both in presentation style as well as through practical implementation at the workstation. All staff are left with a detailed understanding of the impact or posture on their bodies, the ergonomic strategies to reduce this impact, a practical application of these strategies, as well as tools such as workplace stretching and posture correction exercises.

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Workplace Injury Prevention Clinics

On-site Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology

Optimum can provide onsite Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist to conduct one on one consultation with your staff. The key focus of these consultations is to firstly assess that individual to outline key areas of deficiency and risk. Following which, we provide education in workplace injury prevention with specific work fitness exercises, postural recommendations, manual handling training and safe lifting practice that is ultimately specific to that individual.

We can conduct regular follow up clinic days to reassess employees and regular update and review their treatment and exercise programs that have been prescribed, thus further improving outcomes of the clinic implementation.

These clinics are amazing tools not only to reduce workplace injuries but to increase employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity.

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