Residential Aged Care

Allied health professionals who understand ACFI, love aged care, are on-time and reliable.

We’re a one-stop-shop for allied health services to residential aged care facilities.

Services we offer; 


Optimum Physiotherapist understand aged care and love our residents. We work with you closely to perform assessments of residents’ mobility, transfers and activities of daily living to identify their needs and address them through a care plan.

Our physio’s will regularly take referrals from Nursing staff and implement treatment plans.

We also understand and implement complex pain assessments of residents and deliver pain management programs that meet the requirement of ACFI Complex Health Care.

Our physiotherapists will also provide manual handling training, falls prevention programs and physiotherapy for private clients (funded by DVA*, medicare* or privately).

*We can help organise these when they are appropriate


Optimum podiatrists treat, assess and review residents’ feet and lower limbs considering their recent medical history, current conditions and footwear.

We’ll manage and develop treatment plans for conditions or wounds (nail and skin) that may occur due to disease, trauma or age.

Available for treatment under DVA and Medicare where appropriate.

Pre-Employment Assessments

Optimum provides on-site pre-employment assessments for Residential Facilities to reduce risk of future workplace injuries and claims.

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Optimums’ Dietitians assess and review residents’ current dietary intake, weight, oral supplements and medical history to ensure the residents’ nutritional needs are met.

They also provide dietary recommendations and supplements to address other nutritional concerns.

We are also available to perform menu reviews as required.

Exercise Physiologists

Exercise physiologists can provide tailored individuals and/or group exercise to residents to that decrease falls, improve mobility, increase/maintain lean muscle mass and improve cardio-vascular health.

Referrals can be made under *DVA, *Medicare, privately or provided direct to the facility.

*conditions apply; we’ll help organise these when appropriate

Occupational Therapists

Optimum occupational therapists undertake assessments of residents’ physical, communication, interaction, psychosocial and cognitive skills and needs.

They will also prescribe and educate residents and carers in the use of adaptive equipment to assist in resident function.

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