About Us

Optimum Allied Health exists to help people live life to the fullest in regional Australia.

We’re an allied health provider of physiotherapy, exercise physiology, dietetics, podiatry and occupational therapy with clinics on the North Coast of NSW and mobile (residential aged care, home care and workplace health) services available across NSW and in South East Queensland.

We work with individual clients and small or large organisations and we’re always looking for great organisations to partner with who share our values and want to make a difference;

Types of organisations we partner with;

  • Residential aged care providers
  • NDIS providers
  • Medical Centres looking for an in-house allied health team
  • Home care providers
  • Businesses and organisations looking for workplace health providers (pre-employment medicals and return to work treatment programs for injured workers are our thing)

Some of our partners:

And we’re driven by our Core Values

Respect everyone
  • We know that a small thing on the list of our priorities may be the only thing that matters to our clients and team mates. Therefore;
    • We are friendly, genuine, honest and open minded
    • We are always on time
    • We always do what we say and say what we mean.
    • We smile, shake your hand and try our best to remember something personal about the people we meet
Take responsibility
  • Great people take responsibility for the good and bad things that happen in their day; therefore
    • When things don’t go to plan, we take responsibility and look for ways to improve or prevent the problem. Even when it’s not “our fault.”
    • We follow through to the finish line and don't "pass the buck"
    • We are always prepared to “have a go”
    • We take action, show initiative and all work together to achieve our goals
    • We’re nimble, flexible and easy going.
    • We always ask; “What can I do next?”
Contribute to a team
  • We believe that by working together, our team can get better outcomes for the people and organisations we serve, therefore;
    • We refer to and speak positively about each other
    • We communicate with honesty and empathy
    • We value input from others
    • We’re always respectful, even when we disagree
    • We’re always looking for ways we can help the team achieve our goals
Solve problems
  • We’re here to solve problems for our clients and partners. We know that takes persistence, follow up and often takes new ways of doing things, therefore;
    • We are always looking to improve our knowledge and skills.
    • We are always looking to find a better way to do things.
    • We are willing to try new methods
    • We genuinely care about our clients and their results.
    • We’re always ready for and prepared to take on BIG challenges
    • We look for and take advantage of opportunity when it presents

We’re on a mission to deliver 1 million unique consultations to Australians by 2024.

We’re always looking for businesses and people who share our values and want to contribute to our mission - whilst having a great time and helping those around us.

If you’d like to be part of our team - find out more information about what opportunities we have here.

If you’re a provider, employer or medical centre who shares our values and would like to work with us; please contact us here.

Don't forget to check out our 2017 Culture Book  or 2018 Culture Book to get to know us, our team and our plans to improve the quality and access to allied health in regional Australia, forever!  

Some Providers We Work With...