Dietitians understand how your body works and how food and drinks help nourish both healthy individuals and those with medical conditions that are affected by or treated with nutrition.

Our Dietitians work in a diverse range of settings and can be referred to via DVA, Medicare or privately. 

In-Clinic Appointments: Optimums Dietitians provide consultancy services to individuals, groups and organisations which include individual counselling, group programs, preventive health programs and nutrition education. They will help you overcome chronic disease, lose weight and live a better quality of life through improving your diet. 

Residential Aged Care Services: Dietitians combine management skills and nutrition expertise when delivering food services, education to staff and menu reviews in aged care facilities. 

They are also available for on-site individual appointments for high risk, malnourished or residents requiring some extra assistance with their food. 

Sports: Optimums Dietitians provide nutrition services to athletes and teams to support and enhance their athletic performance. Dietitians work with novice athletes and everyday active Australians through to elite sportspeople in order to help them achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

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